Private Pilates Means Something

We are never really sure why Labor Day Weekend feels like the beginning of something new.  And with each slight dip in the temperature comes our return to routines that feels both exciting and familiar at the same time.  This Fall season I am excited to bring new Pilates experiences to our neighborhood for those who are looking for both that; familiarity with a bit of excitement and newness.  Continuing with our offerings of private services at FMR Wellness Foundation, we are proud to offer the following services: Mat Trios, Tower Trios and Private Room Rentals, all offered in one of our Private Pilates Rooms.  Our Trios will be reserved for a class series of 5 with an FMR Pilates Instructor.  The private room rental will be reserved by a client whose workout has been customized by an instructor and dowloaded into the FMR Wellness appp to be streamed into the room.  Basically no matter what services you are using, once the room is reserved it is yours and cannot be used by anyone else during that time.  Please take the time to visit the website and send me an email if you have any questions or suggestions.  I am really excited about offering these to you, and best of all, the proceeds from these services go to the FMR Wellness Foundation for Nutrition Education.  Everyone deserves access to nutrition education.

Yours in good health,