The FMR Wellness App

The FMR mobile app integrates Nutrition and Pilates to assist in Performance, Recovery and Injury Prevention.
Once the user creates an account you will have access to 3 core components:

  • Nutrition Performance
  • Pilates Training
  • Nutrition Recovery

The scheduling feature allows the user to book and make a secure payment for both private Pilates and nutrition consultations, offered in studio or virtually. Additional features include a customized, self-guided nutrition program created by a Registered Dietitian and the ability to playback sessions to train on your own time.

Customize Your Experience

The FMR app provides users with personalized nutrition profiles through an algorithm developed by industry professionals to deliver a unique experience on your own time. Your plan is also reviewed by our Registered Dietitian and your follow up appointments are available to be scheduled at your convenience. Our video conferencing technology works right through the app so you can consult with your professional advisor.

FMR offers users an extensive selection of Pilates training videos that cater to all levels.

Save your live sessions and add your favorite instruction videos to create your own personal library that you can access anytime.